Saturday, 24 January 2009

Elephants and Things

After 18 months in Karachi, making good friends and seeing a tiny bit of Pakistan (nowhere near enough of it) it is with a lot of good memories and regrets that we leave. Where to?.. Thailand new job, new location etc. So new Blog. Should do. I fancy writing about my daily life and pick up on the odd things, quirky stuff you know, like seeing 7 people on a motor bike, along with the family dog of course! Loads of just things for reflection. What to call it. How about 'Alan in Thailand'.... Hardly original. Somehow I don't think so. Not this time round. Also I found I never wrote about times outside of Karachi, overseas trips etc. They never seemed to fit in with the title. I went on line to try and find some inspiration and came across a good Blog which ran it's own competition for anew name. Made my efforts seem lightweight!!! Very impressed and hope you don't mind the mention here.

How do you follow that. err.........

Alan not in Karachi ?

Alan after Karachi ?

Beyond Karachi ?

Karachi no more ?

Life after Karachi ?

On from Karachi ?

Also given my wife is called Wanna and is Thai and that one friend always writes to us 'Wannal' maybe something from that.

Bananas ? (Why I hear you ask, no idea it just came into my head!!!)

Somtam phu ?

Issan ?

Life moves on ?

Chang ?

Elephants (and things that go bump in the night)

OK Elephants it is. Opps just checked with Google and its taken. No real surprise there.


That's it

bye bye to this Blog. Hows the famous saying go

"The Blog is dead, Long live the Blog"

(That's corny to the extreme).

See you at the new Blog.

The secret to "Success" ..... is never, never, give up trying.