Sunday, 28 October 2007

Back on line

Its amazing how without the Internet at home you feel so out of touch. Well finally I'm back on line. Seems the cable from the roof top to my Condo was cut/damaged. No worries now fixed. Next problem was when I got home Friday evening the power went off. Someone is trying to tell me something...

But look on the bright side. Friday evening and a chance to have a night out at the British club the Rose and Crown. Got ropes into the UKAP United Kingdom Association of Pakistan. It is an associates club/group connected historically to the BHC. It was set up to help other UK expats. be good for me to meet a few more people in the neighbourhood.

Went to work yesterday only to be told there was a body of a woman floating by the side of the quay side. Apparently this poor woman had decided enough was enough and commited suicide. She jumped from a local bridge just up from our works. Sadly she not only took her own life but also took her 11 year old son with her. So that was Saturday!!!!

Today was a much happier occasion. Had a morning with Shehzad my sailing friend who wanted to see where I work. Then a lazy afternoon doing nothing. Great! That's it for now as I must update my sailing blog.

Friday, 26 October 2007


I've been back 5 days and still no cable TV or Internet connection at home. Feel cut off from the world. Can't complete my sailing Blog nor write much on this one etc.

Well after hundreds (say realistically 10) calls to the service provider each with no joy I've sent my driver off to get it all sorted. He was sent of with the following simple instruction "go forth and get it sorted...." Hopefully a positive result by close of play today.

Later in the morning I was in meeting with some colleagues. Told them of my dilemma.. "Frustrations?..... In Pakistan? .... Surely not! Try finding out the real history of Pakistan".

They put me onto . There's more to Pakistan than my Blog. Just think I might spend the whole weekend in the office reading that link if I don't get my cable TV back later today!!! Then I will really know frustration on Pakistan...... Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

I’m back. Well till Christmas at least!!!!

I told you in my last posting I was off to Thailand for a few days. Well I got back last night. Great trip. Caught up with Wanna and managed to get up to Khon Kaen and see her family etc. We were at a loose end on Saturday so decided to go to Laos. Yes pop over the boarded for a look. Well it was all a bit like a cross channel trip for duty free really. We all got sorted out, me bring a non Asean country had to organize a visa. However that was easy as the folks up there have it well sorted. So a 3 hour trip to Laos. Crossed the mighty Mekong River. Did not get the T shirt but got a stamp in my Passport!!!

Got back to Khon Kaen same evening about 10.00 pm. Just in time for a cold beer and settle down to the rugby. Started at 2.00am but the sports channel was rugby rugby rugby till then. What a disappointment. Anyway that’s life, someone had to win, but why the other side ?? #$%^&

Sunday saw us going down to Bangkok as I had set up a meeting with my friend and financial advisor ‘Khun’ Roger the following morning. Small world, we shared an apartment in Sai Gon for about 6 months, that was over 6 years ago. Then during our chatting he tells me Jessica was over there as well (Hi Jess!!). Anyway he had some good news for me that my investments were not doing badly. In fact he said they were doing quite well. But, and as you well know there’s always a but, he stressed the need for me to keep on working. As if I needed to be reminded….

The other really good part of the trip to Thailand was that I missed out on all the violence in Karachi. I’d left Wednesday evening and Ms Bhutto arrived the following lunchtime. Seems two suicide bombs went off and over 135 people got killed with Lord knows how many injured. Sad day indeed. I was concerned for my safety in coming back here and made it a point to find out all I could about events. My source being Khalid. He did assure me things were OK. ‘All seemed to have calmed down again’ is what he told me in a most unconcerned tone. Well let’s wait till the next time!

I had while away not had much chance to do any writing on the computer and today I had given it only a passing thought as work took over and time flew by. When I was in the car on the way home I could think of little of interest to jot down but what do you know? Just as you think there is nothing of interest to write about we nearly drove up the back of an old taxi. Ouch!!! It was full, I mean full to the brim, bursting with people. So full they had to put the kids in the boot!!! I counted two people in the front plus the driver and 4 rather well build ladies in the back (I assume they were ladies under all the black cloth!!). Add in a couple of kids and, yes, put them in the boot or walk!!!

Seeing this I knew I was back in Karachi. I had a smile to myself as I realized I did have something to jot down after all. Then having settled in at home for the evening my phone rang. Shehzad. “How are you? How was the trip?” I explained a little about the fact we had no wind and not enough fuel. He seemed to understand my disappointment and sounded as sad about it all as me !! Its all (will be) on my Sail Blog. Just give me a few days.

Will catch up with him later in the week and give him the full story. So till next time.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Back in Karachi. Initial thoughs

Got back at 06.00am this morning. Desperately needed some sleep. Which I got. Then up and in the office by 10.00am All go.

It was good to be back but I missed the boat and the sailing etc in Seychelles. Still something to look forward to on my next trip. Today I had a chance to see Karachi with new eyes, I had been following the news of Benazir Bhutto (Spelling!) She is due back tomorrow. Then there will be fun and games and plenty to talk about. Interestingly last week a Pakistani national was arrested in Seychelles in possession of 4 Kilos of Heroin. Small world as I was also these 'sans' Le Heroin.

Tonight I left for the airport at 7.00pm to catch a midnight flight such is the excitement of Benazir arriving the streets are full, roads blocked. Her photo is everywhere. All welcoming her back. The police are using shipping containers to block the roads. Not pretty but very effective. Would help if they told you a few hundred meters in advance instead of being stuck in yet on more jam!!! She does not arrive till midday tomorrow so I'm glad to be getting out of it. We half expect a lot of our staff will not make it in tomorrow due to traffic congestion. Well I'm off to enjoy the last few days of my leave. Bye ....

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

I'm back

Well almost. I'm in transit in Dubai. Have had my 8 days in Seychelles on the boat. Many thanks to some many people for being so helpful. In particular MF, Phil, Peter, Patrick to name just a few.

Should be back in Karachi tomorrow about 4.30 am. And will start catching up on the news. All I read about Pakistan over the last week seems to centre around the politics. So should be some interesting stories to follow up on. Wanna is currently in Thailand and did not sound in a rush to get back. Will update you all tomorrow.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Blog delays

Hi readers,

I'm off to Seychelles tomorrow via Dubai. Planning on sailing back to Karachi during the next week. The sailing will take 10-12 days so please do not forget me and come back to this spot. If you want to follow our exploits read Hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Cricket Season is upon us

Ramadan has been plodding along with the work rate dropping daily. Mine included, and I'm still drinking the same amounts of tea each day! So when I learnt that South Africa were to start a 5 day International test match against Pakistan yesterday I was a bit surprised to say the least.

This I had to see. So picked up Wanna and rushed round to Khalid's house to collect him and off we went. Main Karachi stadium is in the middle of Karachi. Nice, big, plenty of open areas and very few spectators. Seating was easy after Khalid sweet talked our way in for nothing.

We stayed for a few (10-12) overs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Back today at the office I was busy editing the photos and getting ready for this upload when over my left shoulder I heard a voice 'that's Mohammad Hafiz doing the bowling'. How Islah my draftsman knows that, I cannot tell, and the guy Mohammad was over 150 meters away. You can be the it him?

The secret to "Success" ..... is never, never, give up trying.