Sunday, 9 December 2007

Chilling out on a Saturday

Had a lazy Saturday. Went to work for the morning and fortunately Wanna dragged me out at about 3.00pm. Good thing as otherwise I would have been there forever. We then went off to visit a Thai friend, Her husband is a fanatical model plane flyer. I say models these things are 2 meters long!! And he's got hundreds of them. I'm been invited to join him at the flying club when I get back from Seychelles. Should be fun. Getting to their house took about 45 minutes as they are out near the National Stadium. I know, where's that anyway!! I could not find it on my own either. Anyway interesting trip through the traffic. Entering the compound (under construction) I could not help but notice the pick axe stuck in the desk. Check out the photo. Odd or what? Someone does not like office work!!

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