Friday, 21 December 2007

Karachi airport

Leaving Karachi for the Christmas break. On the way to Seychelles for a holiday. Strange mixed feelings as I had and still have so much to do at work and Wanna has started to make quite a few friends. To go or not to go?.... But the travelling has meant that I had to buy a few presents etc for friends and family. So had a very interesting afternoon running round Karachi. Its great when you need to buy something. Makes you visit shopping areas which you would never see otherwise. Karachi has nearly everything. One thing is does not have is petrol grass cutter. nowhere could Ii find one. (Not much grass in Karachi and what they have is cut with a manual machine as labour is so cheap).

I bought fishing hooks, big lures for game fishing, some outboard engine impellers ! Also a Sander, electric planer, drill and a car radio. I know what you are thinking why buy that sort of stuff? All for other people. I'll sell the items on the island for a profit which will pay our stay!! See I'm not so stupid as I first seemed.

Last but not least was a quick trip to the jewellers. Stuff for Wanna and Sarah and Vivi. That was my day gone!!

Wishing you all a very Holy Happy Christmas from here in Karachi. No doubt I will be adding more from La Digue.

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