Saturday, 14 July 2007

Impress Market Karachi

Finished work early on Saturday and decided together with Wanna to visit the Impress Market. Sells everything or so we were told. To get there is easy, (take your driver!!!). Seriously just go to Saddar Market and there it is.

Set in old colonial buildings and outer squares it really has a beautiful setting. Looking round it is easy to imagine how it must have been all those years ago. Now it is all somewhat faded and in a state of decay but don't take anything away from it, for it has a fabulous atmosphere.

Having driven from work to the market we had to pass through street after street of shops full of traders all plying their wears. It was a bustle of activity with sellers, buyers, bystanders and onlookers everywhere. Dust and plastic bags seemed to follow them all the way. Thus on arriving in Impress Market it was like hitting an oasis. Great.

No sooner do you step out of the car then you realise you are in a different world. Stalls selling nuts, fruits, vegetables and all sorts of cooking utensils. Not only selling but all beautifully laid out so you become immediately attracted in each direction you look. Which path to take? Yet more decisions when all we wanted was a relaxing trip out for half an hour or so.

First stop on the way in was at a small stall where a chap was grinding coconuts for oil. No electrical machine for him. He had the mortar and pestle our and it was attached to his waist. He then walked round the pestle grinding the coconuts to make oil. Amazing. And he was so happy to have his picture taken. Of course we bought some coconut oil....

We ambled along from stall to stall, through alleyway to alleyway. No hassle, in fact no one was interested in us at all. And we did not get lost. I suppose really it is not that big a market just that the first time you are always a bit concerned as to where exactly you entered and just where you are going to exit!!

We had to buy something else so it seemed appropriate I bought some nuts!!! Interestingly 1 kilo of pistachio were 440 rupees. Last time I bought some near a local shop they were 700 rupees. Makes for another to like Impress Market.

We carried on wandering through the market and the range of products was great with such a wide variety of colours and smells. Colours were all bright and dazzling. The smells, well they covered the whole range of spices and fresh fruit and veg. Could not even name more that a handful of the spices.

But most noticeable were the flies. Everywhere they seemed to be in the way but no one seemed to notice or care. Everybody going about their business in a very calm and relaxed manner. I did not see anyone rushing. Shopping was made so easy. No supermarket trolleys but lots of people offering to carry your product and follow you from stall to stall and back to the car!!!!

We stayed for a while and decided we could easily come again and sit down taking in the atmosphere. I made a mental note to come back and find a quiet corner where I could sit take photos. Surely I will be able to capture come the vibrant colours to let you feel the sense the life and soul of Impress Market.

It was only on the drive home stuck in traffic that we felt we were of any interest to passers by. Stopped in traffic where a 'Tuk Tuk' driver was stationary and just stared at us. Not sure he even blinked. So we got a snap shot of him for the Blog as well.

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