Sunday, 22 July 2007

Saturday Night in...

Night life is not one of Karachi's strong points. Socializing tends to focus on restaurants or going round to peoples houses and even that not so often. But there are several compensations including having friends round for a few drinks and dinner.

Last night therefore was fun. Ian and Aldo come round and we ordered in. Local Bar B Q tonight does a free delivery and its really quite amazing just how much they can load onto one motor bike!!!

We are four, get this only four persons. We ordered accordingly or at least that was the idea. On arrival the delivery boy was fully laden down. We had 8 massive nan breads massive rack of lamb, giant prawns, rice, kebabs, salads, sauces and more Turkish salad and homos.

We got stuck in and for about 3 hours just sat around the table eating and telling stories and more eating. Had a few beers to wash it all down. However after 3 hours we had hardly made a dent in it all. The remains filled the fridge. All in all a very good night.
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