Monday, 2 July 2007

Weekend away in Bangkok

Decided to have a day off work and got to visit Wanna in Bangkok. I left Karachi on the 2.30 am flight. Horrible time to fly as you seem to be waiting for the time to board so you can get on the plane and sleep.

Arrived in Suvarnambumi airport. Met by Wanna and Phuk. Straight to Bangkok to check the condos. They are about 30 percent build. No rush for completion as I am not sure how we are going to pay when its ready!!!

Then to lunch just across the road with our very good friend Khun Prathan. Had our usual fried rice and cold tea. It was good to catch up and hear the news. After that we needed to go to the Pakistan Embassy to get Wanna's visa. By now I'm getting tired. Sort of jet lag of lack of sleep. So get the visa and then off to do some quick shopping. We bought some 'crocs' shoes. Sort of plastic clogs. Verrrry comfortable. About 20 pounds a pair.

Then down to Pattaya for the weekend. Only down side was that on Beach road 'crocs' well copies of 'crocs' are only 3 pounds!!

Sunday arrived too quickly and it is back to reality and sunny Karachi. Yes sunny which is great. The rains seem to have gone away.

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