Friday, 16 May 2008

Camels - Ships of the "desert' on the streets of Karachi

I've been away and having only got back last Sunday seem now to have woken up. Now its Friday and I've done nothing. Nothing towards the Video project, or writing any Blog entries. Could be I've been asleep for 3 days. Bit like going on a heavy whiskey diet and loosing 3 days! I now know what it feels like without the hangover...

Well today I was off around town catching up on a few things. And I was lucky. I've been trying to get a short movie of a Camel working in Karachi. They are here used like donkeys for hauling stuff around town. They've been banned on several streets so, not a common sight. I jumped out of the car and was happy to get this quick chance to snap a short video. Its a bit dark but am now downloading some software to improve it. So if interested check back later.

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