Saturday, 17 May 2008

Charcoal and things that pass you by in Karachi

Went out for a drive and came across a charcoal maker. Not a fun job. seems they are a few young boys employed to cut wood and stack it up for either selling as fuel or making charcoal. Not much evidence of the charcoal but the stacking was interesting. Notice in the pictures the plain almost lack of colours. That's how it is. Very bland, somewhat dark even with the sun full out. I walked into the yard and had a chat with the young lad who was sitting down stacking small wood cuttings. A very one sided conversation, in fact I don't recall him saying anything!!!! He smiled when I walked up to him. Did not get up, no movement just looked at me. Just showed me a clear bright 'red' set of teeth and accompanied this display with the lovely vacant betel juice look in the eyes. Doubt if he even remembers I called in, much less would have had any interest in my visit anyway. However, on reflection, if I had to work there, then I'm 100 % sure I would want a vacant mind as well. Might just try the juice.

On a much lighter note there were all sorts of things to see while just driving along. So difficult to describe and just as hard to bring across in pictures. Karachi is a kaleidoscope of colours and contrasts. Just look at these contrasts and range of activities in the photos taken in a 10 minute period. And all within about 1 kilometer of each other. We've got the horse crossing the road, the Police stopping a camel truck, a couple of young lads on a bike, buses and a vibrant life going on around us. The effort that went into painting the wheel pictured below. What does it tell you? Either they are very artistic truck drivers or they have plenty of spare time!!!!

Travelling, anyway which way does not seem to be an issue. If the bus is full no worries all climb on the roof. I have often wondered if I was on top of the bus how would I tell the driver when its time to stop so I can get off ?#$%...

If your carrying reinforcement steel, as one does on such trucks, then don't be normal and sit in the cab but on the steel. Rough ride!. Wonderful afternoon on the outskirts of Karachi.

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