Friday, 16 February 2007


Wonderful having spent the whole day on planes and in airports finally I could get off. We landed about

However arrival is one thing, but being relaxed about arrival is another. You know what its like. New place, and next to Iraq etc etc you cannot but have some reservations about “did I or did not make the right decision to come here?”. "Too Bloody Late Mate to turn back" I told myself. Take a big breath and get up from your plane seat and move on!!!!

I was concerned, no point lying about it. My earlier web searches had not inspired my with brimming enthusiasm. Before I realized I had left the plane, And you know what ? The airport looked like any other!!! I suppose really they do all look the same so why should this one be different. No reason that I could think of unless I wanted to make up some stupid thoughts to make it so. What next ? I had been told I would be met at the airport and here’s the good news, there at the bottom of the stairs before Immigration was a man with my name on a placard. Mr ALAN LLOYD. In large bold print. “Yes” that’s me I told him. “Sir, Good Evening. Mr Lloyd welcome to Pakistan. If you would please follow me”. Straight through Immigration we went at almost running pace. Then without a pit stop picked up my luggage! Onto a trolley it went. Still at running pace my man said a few works to the Customs Officer, (not sure we slowed down even a little bit) and what do you know next thing I find myself standing in the car park of Karachi Airport!! Wow !!!! The fist thing that struck me was its warm. Not to overpowering and not so humid. I had expected an overbearing and smelly air with little breeze. Ignorate me. Its warm and it seems envelopes the busyiness of everyone around me. The was not a clash but a very tranquil mass of humanity all of who were busy gong about their business, and so polite to each other. Porters looking for business, Touts offering taxis and hotels and people looking for friends and arrivals to greet. Out we went into a waiting car. Off to the Sheraton…And a good nights sleep. The view from my room next morning also assured me that coming to work here was going to be a good thing.

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