Friday, 23 February 2007

Checking my Blog

Well if you’ve been checking my Blog you will notice that what started out as a planned busy Blog is already slowing down.
Not because I’m lazy, well that too, but I have had real difficulties in uploading my pages. The internet system at the Sheraton Hotel where I’m staying has fire walls and so to does my current office.
When we move to our new construction office and set up our own internet access things should change. However having not been able to upload to my Blog I decided to check the site through internet explorer. Could not access it that way either. So doing my Sherlock Holmes bit I decided to access other Blogspots.

Couldn’t access them either! “@#$%” was my response. Perhaps Pakistan has blocked the whole lot? Will keep checking. I cannot expect someone else to post them for me so have to find a solution.

I have yet to have sufficient time to get around Karachi so have only taken a couple of quick pictures.
Outside the port are numerous multi painted busses. Multi colours is a simplified way of describing them. They look like a blaze of mixtures They are so ornate with what must be hundreds of hours of painstaking paint work. Fantastic to see. There are loads of them.

Also managed to buy some peanuts.

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