Friday, 9 February 2007

Consulate encore

Well spend the morning going back to the Pakistani Consulate for a Business visa. Very helpful.

'But Sir, Your application is fine but the accompanying support letters request a Work Permit'. We did tell you on your last visit that we cannot issue a work permit. Please take these letters away and come back on Monday morning at 09.30am with a new set of letters adn hte same application forms. You will need to have an interview in the afternoon and we will issue the visa by the end of the day. The Business visa will then be issued to you.

How much for a visa to Pakistan as I cannot find Seychelles on the Countires list from your web page? And before you respond please let me tell you that entry to Seychelles for a Pakistani Citizen does not ever require a visa........

He smiled. Maybe sir but for any country not on our list it is US$5 for a Business Visa.

And for multi entry I enquired. That is easy Sir. 10US$. OK See you Monday.

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