Monday, 30 April 2007

China maybe Great but on this occasion not for me

Our plane was 1 hour late leaving Hong Kong and then is did an aborted landing. I was busy watching the ground rise and give us a big bump. But no! We were just about landed and next thing I knew we started to climb again. Stayed up for another 35 minutes. Apparently we had to use another runway. Seemed a bit late to me to find that out when your wheels are down and a few hundred feet of the ground. Still they never tell you the truth or real reason.

We landed safely and Alastair was saying that in all his years of travel it had only happened once before in Sydney. Eddie had never had it happen on his flights.

So anyway we were down and it was all quick quick after then. Through immigration and customs straight to the Sheraton. Booked and took our bags to the rooms. 10 minutes later we age off to a meeting.

The meeting was 3.00pm till 5.00pm followed by dinner. Excellent dinner with various Chinese treats. Had a couple of beers and a sip of wine.

We were home by 8.30. Just about to settle down early when Alastair called "Fancy a night cap its only 8.30?... See you in lobby at 9.30?" “Sure…..” a dangerous response…

We sat and chewed the fat and consumed a high number of beers till 1.05am then bed.

Alastair and Eddie were on an early flight so I did not see them again.

Just got to bed and at 3.00am I was up with the really rumbly tummy and as sick as a dog. It’s been that way till3.30 this afternoon when I went to a pharmacist. Still feel like shit. No Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square for me. Next time. Reckon I’ve lost about 2 kilos. Worst I’ve been since I had malaria about 9 years ago.

Off to Bangkok in a couple of hours. I’ll make sure I get an aisle seat!!! Let’s hope things improve.

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