Monday, 30 April 2007

Karachi Airport

Caught the Thai flight 17.30 and off we went. At duty free we got a good deal on some 12 year old Jameson’s and Black label. No worries there. Even got a special offer free ‘carry bag’ with the 2 bottles of Black Label.

Good flight. Air Hostess from Thailand busy telling Wanna about the good shopping in Karachi. Cotton silks etc so my credit card was over spend before we landed!!

In flight announcement. “Passengers please note no alcoholic drinks are allowed into Pakistan’. ‘Did you hear that?’ asked Wanna. Surely you knew that before you wasted all that money in the duty free!!” ‘Don’t worry all will become clear..”

“Where are we?” asks Wanna. Where was Customs and Immigration and who are these men with guns?” “Darling we’ve finished with all that. You just walked through the Diplomatic Channel and Customs is not part of the deal!!! That is what these kind gentlemen are here for. See no customs, no worries about whiskeys etc. Now these ‘men with guns’ will follow us home to make sure we don’t get lost’.

Easy. ‘So what do you think of Karachi so far?....” “err err…” Sure you’re not blond?

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