Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Time still flying by

I realized yesterday I had not written anything on my Blog for a few days. Time has really flown by. Work is picking up and the social side of things is all on the rise.

Last week I got invited to the British Deputy High Commission for a cocktail party to mark the end of the Expo Pakistan 2007. There were a lot of delegates over from UK to meet local business person and develop trade. Good evening. Had my first real G&T since arriving. Was it good or what.

Traveling to Karachi etc you think you are seeing the world but really it is a small world indeed. Seems us expats follow well trodden paths. When working some time back with SMEC I was based in Vietnam and Daniel Lough who also worked for them was head office based in Australia. We never met. Then by chance I met him at the British High Commission ‘pub’ two weeks ago. We had dinner last Tuesday at a smart little restaurant called ‘Okra’. Food was great. And to cap it all Daniel brought along a bottle of New Zealand Red. (He even remembered to bring the cork screw!!) So super meal, good wine and company.

Apart from the above I’ve had one more Friday evening at the British Club. Good evening and I am beginning to meet a lot of new people. Been asked about a St Georges Day 'bash' involving an evening trip at the end of the Month to Dog Island. All bodes well.

Now back to work.

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