Thursday, 16 August 2007

60’s Classics

Its been 11 days since I wrote in my Blog. I am sure you all want to know how the typing lesions are going. As a matter of fact not to bad. Just wish I had done it ages ago.

I came home early tonight planning on finding something to write about. Had no idea what. Realized that 11 days have passed since my last Blog. I know it was way too long and had in the back of my mind been looking round for a story.

Had considered telling you all about the Pakistan Game Fishing site I’ve come across as not much else was happening.

Then on the way home I spotted or rather I was over taken by a lovely old car. Sort of glided by in full grace and seemed to miss all the bumps in the road. Made my evening and of course gave me something to write about.

It glided by and as you know Elvis has been in the news recently so it has turned out to be a good choice, by default I know. Fishing will have to wait till next time. With luck that may choose to be an interesting topic and will fill this weekends addition to the Blog.

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