Thursday, 23 August 2007

Sometimes it's not what you know but who....

Sure you have heard that expression before just as had I. But over the last few months I've been looking to get my boat over to Karachi.

Local Agent said it was to difficult so what to do?

What to do? Go to the top. Go to the man at the top. That's right. Went to the Chairman of the Port of Karachi.

The history to this is simple. Last week the Karachi Port suffered some structural damage to a couple of Wharfs and my company was called in, and calling of such a group was yours truly. During the visit I had cause to meet the Chairman of the Karachi Port Trust. It does not get much bigger than that in Karachi. Talk about who you know.....

Later after several days of soul searching wondering how to move this project forward I decided to go to the top. Ask the Chairman. So Lloyd go give him a call. I did and spoke to the Secretary. Got an appointment for lunchtime today.

Got there and had the meeting. Explained I had met him before 10 days ago. 'Yes I remember how can I help you?'

So...Big breath. (he's an ex Vice Admiral so knows a thing or two about boats). Sir I am working here in the Port and would like to bring my boat to Pakistan for the duration. I then explained the story starting from buying Prinos to the whole idea, my background research,the Agent I had spoken to and the visit to the Marina Club.

He listened the pronounced 'Happy to help'.....that was the response. And what a response it was too.

He picked up the phone to his deputy and said "I am sending Alan Lloyd to see you about bringing his boat in. Please help as I want it to happen". Wow!!!! Parting words were "if you later still have problems come back to me".

Off I went and met his deputy. Again so helpful. Almost unbelievable. Seems all the emphasis is now back on me to get the Seychelles side sorted. This Blog for the next few weeks is going to be busy to keep you all posted on progress.

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