Monday, 6 August 2007

Nothing to write this week Typo lessons only

I thought writing a blog was supposed to be easy. Well there seems to be little to report this week.

What I did do was buy a Teach yourself typing CD. Driving me nuts but I've promised myself I'll get through it some how.

Apart from work, and straining all my fingers on the lap top key board I've been busy with planning on getting Prinos up to Karachi. Its a long way. But I've decided to look on it in a positive way.

Set sail for 10 days between Seychelles and Karachi and I'll have plenty of time to learn my typing skills. But then once mastered and adrift on the high seas the question may still be what to write....?

That's about the sum of. Learnt to type now nothing to say!!! Hope next week is a bit more fun and I have something interesting to say to you.

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