Wednesday, 23 January 2008

3000 + hits Thanks please keep them coming

Thank you all very much for reading my Blog. I've reached 3000 hits. Well not really. Let me be honest. I started the counter on 1952 so even at that it is well over 1000. since last Feb. I've been going since 1st Feb 2007. So 360 days. 3 hits per day.
The Blog had initially been written to keep my Family, particularly my Dad, informed of bits of my life in and and around Karachi. Other friends have read it and also I've had a few emails from people who have stumbles upon it when looking for something related to Karachi. A couple of whom I have met and others I hope to meet in due course. I'll keep it going as I to enjoy doing it and now to know so do some others (that is unless my Dad is hitting on the Blog 3 times a day on his own? I can't believe he's that supportive of such a minor venture. But if true thanks Dad!)
Again thanks to all my readers for the interest. Please if you have any comments, suggestions or anything I should consider to add to the Blog please email me about it on
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