Saturday, 19 January 2008

A weekend at home

No work this weekend and no going out. Religious festival. See todays news in The Dawn. Thats why I stay home.

Karachi police say avert bomb, cyanide disaster KARACHI, Jan 19 (Reuters) Pakistani police said Saturday they had averted a disaster with the arrests in Karachi late Friday of five militants planning to attack religious processions with cyanide and suicide bombs. “Their arrest has averted a big disaster ... but the threat of suicide attacks is still there,” provincial police chief Azhar Ali Farooqi told a news conference. The five militants belonged to different militant groups and were picked up in raids in different parts of the city, Farooqi said. “They planned to carry out suicide and grenade attacks on processions,” he said.Police seized 6 kg of explosives for use in suicide jackets, 2 kg ball bearings, one kg of nails, detonators, three hand grenades and two pistols. Police also seized 500 grams of cyanide that Farooqi said was going to be used to poison drinks handed out to people taking part in the processions. Separately, security forces arrested a suspected teenaged suicide bomber, Ismail Khan, in the northwestern city of Dera. Security officials said he was on his way to Karachi to attack religious processions. But senior security officials denied a report that the 15-year-old boy had confessed to being part of a five-member team that attacked and killed Benazir Bhutto on December 27. Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz said the report was a rumour.(Posted @ 16:48 PST)

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