Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sunday Shopping

I'm not one for shopping but the Defence Area near our house has a weekly Sunday and Tuesday Market. Whats for sale? Everything except meat and livestock. Even found someone selling secondhand laptops.
The main things for sale are fruit and vegetables and kitchen stuff and loads of cloth and garments. Not so different to the larger town markets of UK in places in Norwich etc. Well quite a difference really. Major difference being the people and the constant dust. The whole atmosphere surrounds and engulfs you with different sounds and sights. A whole new atmosphere which is so difficult to recount on paper. Its so much the smells and fragrances which seem to pass you by as you walk along. The people, well they are all so friendly and not in an aggressive 'selling stuff' type of way. Happy to chat and let you look at their goods knowing you will not buy. Along the tiny avenues between the stalls are the ladies in their black garb, the men doing the selling. There were a few foreigners around, some clearly European and some looked Asian, probably Chinese or Thai. In our walking around we did not see one lady, not one, doing any of the selling. Here this seems the norm with men in all the shops, markets and doing all the work. Even down to selling women's clothing. I saw one chap selling woolly tights! And women buying!!!! I did not take a picture.
Makes you wonder that if you are a women in Pakistan, and not married, especially without family, then how do you set about trying to earn a living. It must be next to impossible. Something I am going to find out a bit more about.
We had about an hour there. Bought some vegetables and fruits. Also torch batteries. All the time you are pestered by small boys carrying empty shopping bags offering to do your carrying of stuff. We kept saying 'No gulli' (no boy thanks), as I was perfectly capable of carrying a half kilo of veg and 6 grapefruit myself! If is got heavy Wanna was with me. Hope she does not read this! Exciting morning!!!!!!
No problem with it at all, it was fun. Got us out of the house and some fresh air. Now home for a big lunch, TV and a cold beer.

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