Sunday, 9 March 2008

Clifton 57th Annual Flower festival

It's that time of year again. Winter is over and the Summer is coming. And the Clifton flower festival is here again. This the 57th Annual show. Well, I went to the 56th and again to this last one. (see one of my earliest postings cira March 2007?) Both shows were interesting but sadly to be very honest nothing new in this one. Same stalls, in the same places, with the same flowers (some looked as if they were left over from last year). That's unkind but really not a very exciting show. I've included a picture of Wanna and cannot tell you who anyone else is but suspect they were also there last year!
I recall last year my being excited by it all. Possibly the reason being it was my first Clifton Flower show and I was new to Karachi, etc, etc. And I'll still go again next year (if I'm here?.....doubtful, but...) and as of now doubt it will be much better. If not I won't be going to the 59th 60th etc. So I'll spare you all that posting as well.
All that said, it is good to see everyone trying to get things done in positive way. It's easy for me to come along and criticize. Very easy.
So instead let me say, well done to the organizers and participants, and good luck with No 59 next year. May I suggest for next year you consider developing a new 'theme' or something different to 'jazz' it up a bit? Please just make sure it is different to this year.

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fahimuzzaman said...

Missed that one.. will probably go over and take a couple of snaps

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