Saturday, 1 March 2008

Happy Birthday Mr Alan 14 and still going strong!!!.. Very good.

Hi, For those of you who don't already know yesterday was my birthday. Those of you who already knew, many thanks for all the good wishes. We went to dinner at Lal quila last night. We've been before and I've mentioned it here as well. Beautiful spot set in medieval surroundings.
We had a wonderful night. Copious amounts of food (think I had three helpings of everything!) and very good company. Khalid had even organised a birthday cake. Thought I was passed that! Then they gave me a silly hat to wear. Managed to pass it on to one of the many kids who seemed to be running round the place on a non stop mission of 'run till you drop'. Great evening. Now I have to wait another 4 years till I reach 15.

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