Friday, 21 March 2008

Religious Holidays

Today is Good Friday and it is also The Prophet Mohammeds Birthday. Lovey coincidence to have two such important events occuring on the same day.
Pity we do not have more coincidences like this. Sure to make the world a better place. It is also a public holiday here in Pakistan. That should generally mean no work and it's true. Our port was closed and so are all Government Offices and 99% of all the shops. Not much point in opening. The town is deserted. The generally bustelling Saddar Market is today empty. Along the way home hardly any cars. Empty everywhere. I wanted to go and do a bit of shopping but nowhere open. Seems everyone was up late last night. Me I'm going to also have an easy day.


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Fahim's Blog said...

We went around on a prowl for light-up it was nice to see the main business district area being light up at the occasion. Next week they are going to have the Sindh festival so look forward to that.

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