Monday, 31 March 2008

Blog Interest and Serving a Purpose

What a week. Its flown by and I’ve missed out on the annual vintage car show and the Sindh show. Catch them again next year?
This week however has had a couple of high points. I’ve had 2 emails from people I’ve never met. These emails are directly as a result of my Blog.
The first email was from a guy in Faisalabad, who told me that on searching the Internet for “Thai’s in Karachi” my Blog got listed. He asked if I can help with finding a Thai English Translator. The Thai question came about following the posting I made about the Thai Kings Birthday last year. We’ve since been chatting on the phone and agreed to put on hold the Thai translation stuff pending Wanna’s return from Thailand. Could turn into something interesting.
The second email was from a Welsh chap in Belgium, asking for information on holidays in Karachi. There is limited information available either on line or in books, even the likes of the Lonely Planet Guide etc are very limited. To be honest Karachi in not on the top of most peoples ‘must visit’ cities. Pity really as it has a lot of interesting things to see, feel, smell, atmosphere and just to absorb it all is almost indescribable. As for this visit enquiry I responded straightaway with great enthusiasm. And in so doing I realized there were still a heap of things I need to see, and do, before I complete my stay. These include visits to several of the main mosques and temples, Jinnah’s two houses of note, a couple of museums and more of the country side including the river areas where they do the ‘dhobi’ washing. Plus I’m going to attending whatever events happen my way, not miss them like this week.
It’s amazingly satisfying for me, and I am surprised to find that my Blog is not only of interest to me and my immediate family, but, also apparently of some practice use. So thanks readers I've got that "feel good" factor today!


Fahim's Blog said...

Hi Alan, will you believe this that my wife's nick name is wana and she is from Singapore and I discovered you through internet search as well!

Alan said...

Would you believe this is my Wife's real name

Fahim's Blog said...

By the way my wife's grandmother was half thai and half Indonesian but settled in Singapore

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