Friday, 30 March 2007

The last week.

I look back and a week has just passed. Did you see it pass? I certainly didn’t. I’m still convinced yesterday was Monday and now its Friday. What happened, was it magic?

You know it has been a busy week for me. Work has started in earnest and I’ve lost all sense of time this week with the apparent speed of events. The construction project at the port is about to get underway. There seem to be never ending tasks which need to be completed before we enter onto the site areas and start ripping things up and pouring concrete. Meetings, programmes, permits, gate passes, safety, contract insurances, You name it we’re doing it… (Not all as fast as we would like. You will recall one of my earlier entries showing out site offices. Still not complete!!!). What does this tell me for our super tight schedule for the main works?.... Yes I do worry.

Today is Friday, ‘kick off’ day where we will be having our first formal meeting with the Client and the Contractor to plan the way forward. Not sure at this time of writing if we will adopt a tough stance or to step softly softly. Either way it is my responsibility as the Chief Resident Engineer to make sure we get the job done on time, on cost with a product which will satisfy the Client. Tall order under any circumstances but in 423 days? We’ll have to wait and see. There will be a lot of blood and sweat and tears before then, and not all mine that’s for sure. It’s also a lot of Blog entries. I won’t be bothering you much with the work side unless I need a quick rant, but will endeavor to keep you all interested life in and around Karachi.

Now forget work, tomorrow I’m going fishing. I can tell you however that tomorrow, ‘the one that got away’ will be bigger that any we will catch!!! Have a good weekend.

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