Sunday, 28 October 2007

Back on line

Its amazing how without the Internet at home you feel so out of touch. Well finally I'm back on line. Seems the cable from the roof top to my Condo was cut/damaged. No worries now fixed. Next problem was when I got home Friday evening the power went off. Someone is trying to tell me something...

But look on the bright side. Friday evening and a chance to have a night out at the British club the Rose and Crown. Got ropes into the UKAP United Kingdom Association of Pakistan. It is an associates club/group connected historically to the BHC. It was set up to help other UK expats. be good for me to meet a few more people in the neighbourhood.

Went to work yesterday only to be told there was a body of a woman floating by the side of the quay side. Apparently this poor woman had decided enough was enough and commited suicide. She jumped from a local bridge just up from our works. Sadly she not only took her own life but also took her 11 year old son with her. So that was Saturday!!!!

Today was a much happier occasion. Had a morning with Shehzad my sailing friend who wanted to see where I work. Then a lazy afternoon doing nothing. Great! That's it for now as I must update my sailing blog.

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