Friday, 26 October 2007


I've been back 5 days and still no cable TV or Internet connection at home. Feel cut off from the world. Can't complete my sailing Blog nor write much on this one etc.

Well after hundreds (say realistically 10) calls to the service provider each with no joy I've sent my driver off to get it all sorted. He was sent of with the following simple instruction "go forth and get it sorted...." Hopefully a positive result by close of play today.

Later in the morning I was in meeting with some colleagues. Told them of my dilemma.. "Frustrations?..... In Pakistan? .... Surely not! Try finding out the real history of Pakistan".

They put me onto . There's more to Pakistan than my Blog. Just think I might spend the whole weekend in the office reading that link if I don't get my cable TV back later today!!! Then I will really know frustration on Pakistan...... Have a good weekend.

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