Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Back in Karachi. Initial thoughs

Got back at 06.00am this morning. Desperately needed some sleep. Which I got. Then up and in the office by 10.00am All go.

It was good to be back but I missed the boat and the sailing etc in Seychelles. Still something to look forward to on my next trip. Today I had a chance to see Karachi with new eyes, I had been following the news of Benazir Bhutto (Spelling!) She is due back tomorrow. Then there will be fun and games and plenty to talk about. Interestingly last week a Pakistani national was arrested in Seychelles in possession of 4 Kilos of Heroin. Small world as I was also these 'sans' Le Heroin.

Tonight I left for the airport at 7.00pm to catch a midnight flight such is the excitement of Benazir arriving the streets are full, roads blocked. Her photo is everywhere. All welcoming her back. The police are using shipping containers to block the roads. Not pretty but very effective. Would help if they told you a few hundred meters in advance instead of being stuck in yet on more jam!!! She does not arrive till midday tomorrow so I'm glad to be getting out of it. We half expect a lot of our staff will not make it in tomorrow due to traffic congestion. Well I'm off to enjoy the last few days of my leave. Bye ....

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