Saturday, 5 April 2008

Party time

Just got home from work to see lots of cars outside our condo block. And lots of Ladies, great or what?!!!! All descending on to the Art College next to my Condo. Looks like a big dance is about to happen. It's great to watch from up in the Condo. From the rear bedroom, I can see into the College gardens and just watch the activities. Normally you are not able to see these parties (no pun intended) unless invited to these events. Not being from here, means the invites are few and far between. So I'll keep an eye on it all as the evening goes on, and see what transpires. The great thing is to see everyone out and enjoying themselves. Feels a bit strange to be watching like this as a sort of impostor but who cares. They do not even know I'm here. The ladies are nearly all dressed in local dress and most wearing spectacular colours, off set so well in the afternoon sun. Really fun to watch.

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