Sunday, 20 April 2008

Breakfast at the Marriott

We decided to have a lazy Sunday and went to the Marriott Hotel for Brunch. They offer a wide range of foods, usual European and some excellent Pakistan dishes. Neither if us were too hungry having had the last evening with our work colleagues at the local french restaurant. So pretty full before we arrived.
However we did have some good eggs and toast. Very English!!!
We need the calories as tonight we are off to see Pakistan verses Bangladesh in a 20 Twenty game. Starts at 6.00pm and should be about 5 hours. Pakistan has already beaten them in all 5 of the 5 day matches! So tonight could see some revenge or some prolific scoring. Either way we intend to enjoy it.


alternate said...

so how do one get access to the french beach? are there huts for hire? how do one contact them?

Alan said...

French Beach. We just turned up. Stopped at the entrance (all walled in).You might have to pay at the gate but only a few rupees. There are a lot of huts. I am sure the guards at the gate, if asked, will organise to let you use one for shelter from the sun. Good place for a Bar B Q. No sign of water to drink or bath after being in the sea. But well worth a visit with a group of friends. Take a fishing rod if interested. Have fun.

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