Monday, 14 April 2008

Office day out

Our Engineers and staff team decided on a day out and organised for . Cosy Water Park It's about 45 minutes out of Karachi, so I was told. Easy, so we set off to join everyone. 2 hours later we finally found it!!! Miles out of Karachi, in what can only be described as desert/shrub land. Not one road sign indicating where is was all the way along the 30 kilometers of Super highway!

(Photos from Cosy Park Web page)
Anyway we made it. Place has several pools and some high level slides. When we arrived the team had organised a shaded area, placed out the matting and ordered the biryanies. So far so good. It was a hot day in the low 30's and dry. Middle of a desert really. Once up on the slides you could see for miles and it was only adjacent to the area that there was any greenery. In its way very spectacular.

I even managed to brave the big slide and come out intact!

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