Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday in Karachi

Went to work for a few hours and then decided to visit St Patricks Church. It was build in 1878 according to the plaque on the outside wall. Now a Sindh Government Protected Heritage Protected Building. However for all that, it was closed! Well it was 1.30 pm when I got there so I suppose, Mass having been held at 6.00am, 8.30 am and scheduled again for the evening it has probably been open enough. However the sun was out and the light seemed about right for a few shots. On the way there I tried a short movie. The streets of Saddar even in the market areas are quiet on Sundays as you can see. I've made myself a list of places to see and things to do over the next few months, including visiting the largest mosque in Karachi, couple of holy tombs, some palaces, a fort in Hyderabad and such like.


Fahim's Blog said...

Nice photos. It seems like your driver really likes the songs of melody queen of Pakistani movies. Just wondering whether you would be interested to jointly do the amateur documentary on Karachi? I can ask my Singaporean friends to work on it as well.

Alan said...

Why not? Call me and we can meet for a coffee and discuss it. 0334 3859378 Anytime next week.

Fahim's Blog said...

sure, Nice idea. Did you get my sms. Anyway my mobile phone number is 0322-223-8501

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