Sunday, 6 July 2008

Clifton Beach...?

Time is running short and we are due to leave Karachi this coming Friday. Lots to do before then, apart from packing, including closing out several things we promised ourselves we would do. These are last minute restaurant meals, visits to places, trips in and around Karachi, saying good bye to numerous people etc.
Well times almost up, and yesterday we managed one item on our list, our last a trip to the Clifton Beach. We were joined as far as I could tell by the rest of the Karachi population who seem to descent onto the beach on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't think for one moment they were there to say good bye to us but it was good to see such a crowd. Well we, that's Wanna and I plus a few of her Thai friends went down to the sea last evening to have a good look round and also to collect a lot of shells which we had heard were in abundance. Made for a very interesting trip, but ... and I mean but, before I go into the details I need to tell you something......
Unknown to you readers, earlier yesterday we became the proud owners of a new Sony Handycam. I know I can hear you all already, "not more crap video footage. ..please spare us!!", well I would if I could, but, I've got this compelling urge to Blog most of my trivia!!! So stick with it please. In amongst the hours and hours of footage, there might, just might, be lurking a master piece. (Emphasis on 'might').
Maybe from here on in it will be different. How so ? I plan to use the camcorder for most recordings as it comes complete with every conceivable goody including single picture capability. Its a Sony HDR-SR12E. To you and me that simple put means I've put down a lot of money for a very small black plastic box with glass sticking out one end and an array of buttons the other. Yes lots of money for a very small box!!!
For you it means putting up with some frustrating times ahead. Having to read my sorted/edited video footage. These frustrations that I am sure to encounter during the editing process will be happily shared with you. No expense spared! So Clifton Beach Blog/post is in the editing room! All to follow after several more sessions with my new black box. Till next post. Tomorrow?...

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