Sunday, 27 July 2008


Sorry no posting but I've quite literally been at sea. Finished my assignment in Karachi on 11th of July and flew to Seychelles. Departed by sailing boat on 16th to Maldives where we are presently moored. Beautiful place.
Will be adding a lot of sailing posts to my sailing blog in next few days so come back for the link and follow up.
Fahim how we doing on the video?
PLEASE LINK TO if you want our latest travel news.
Will be back on posting soonest.


Fahim's Blog said...

Wonderful to see you blogging again. Got your smses. Was really thrilled to read them.

Ref: Video. I think we have to live the videos I have captured from the camera to my computer. The guy converted the videos into DVD format instead of avi or mpg format, make them next to useless thing. But hopefully we will be able to enter the contest on time. Will keep you posted on that.

khaleeq said...

nice to see you again here.
waiting for further......

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