Sunday, 6 July 2008

Clifton Beach

Amazing finally managed to make a few snaps from the movies. Clifton Beach is amazing. Thousands of people every where. Most are enjoying walking along the beach and getting their feet wet. No swimming costumes here. As you can see two ladies are in the full 'Guinness bottle kit'. Everyone who has a chance is busy selling stuff. They charge you for parking and then again for entrance to the beach. Could not quite work it out. More amusing was the guy offering to look after your shoes. Check out the photo. He has a collection of old fruit boxes. Dread to think what state/smell the shoes are in after being there all day. We did not take advantage of the service and chose to keep our shoes on. Good idea as it turned out. Not the cleanest beach but it was just good fun. Looking round I am sure I was the only Brit within miles. Seems that was on a lot of peoples minds as well when they saw me. Everyone was so friendly, selling cakes, sweets, cigarettes and one chap wandered past selling toast. Yes toast. He has a smallish tin with hot charcoals in topped off with toast. Not my idea of a beach snack!!
Add in the guys offering horse and camel rides and put it all together and the picture is complete. Great fun and we plan to be back again tomorrow for shell collecting. No doubt again I'll be the subject of great interest!!

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