Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tek Tek

Having had our day out in Clifton Beach we made a point of collecting some shells. I do not know their name but they look like the ones you see on the shell petrol station signs.
We collected about 20 kilos of them straight off the beach. They were literally rolling up the beach by the wave action. Really amazing to see. (got it on video!!). Everyone watching us to see what we were doing. Everyone seems interested when we got out some plastic bags and started collecting the shells. Only the live ones of course. Some of the young boys and girls got into the action and helped us. We did not need to dig, just pick them up of the sand.

Got them home and cleaned them up to get the sand and dirt off them. Then Wanna boiled most of them and also put a few aside and we cooked them on a griddle plate.
This morning I cleaned up the shells and made a fair curry even if I say so myself! Wanna followed it up this afternoon with a tip top Thai Yam. All washed down with a few beers. Excellent. I did not have time to take a good photo of the finished curry. We had eaten most of it before I remembered to take a snap. So trust me it might not look like a food book photo by it tasted great.

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