Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Food yet more food

I seem these days to be only posting about eating. During the last few days all my non working time has been taken up with sitting in restaurants and eating large quantities of superb Chinese and Pakistan food.
I arrived in Karachi a year ago weighting in at 82 kilos and leave with 89 kilos. Most of it is settled comfortably around my waist and not in my suitcase.
SO again last night another restaurant. As Ian finally left today so last night was a special occasion for us all. Khalid with family took us to "Sujjad" a restaurant out of town. About 15 kilometers north of Karachi on the super highway. This was at 10.0pm. Thousands of hungry Karachites were also going in the same direction making their way out of town to eat dinner. Most people here do not eat dinner till after 10.00pm, with a lot of them happily thinking midnight a good time to start out. How they do it and still get to work next morning is beyond my understanding. Me, by then I'm curled up asleep in bed. Seems a lot of Karachites come out there for evening meals. I can see why. Good food, fresh air and just so relaxing. Ate too much and now knocking on 90kilo +.

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