Saturday, 12 May 2007

Arrived Seychelles

Made it. 5th May 2007. Landed in Seychelles after a 4 hour flight. Lovely weather and met by Sarah and Christoff. Got through customs without any problems. Difficult to convince them we were tourists considering we were carrying 4 new tyres for my truck and a bunch of clutch spares etc. They did not seem to mind. Anyway through we went to be met by Sarah and Christoff. Straight to the boat. It has been moored up in The Wharf. Great spot. Has all facilities and Prinos was fully fueled and watered. Added to which Sarah had supplied bread, eggs etc so we were organized. Our home for the next few days. So we had time to relax and do nothing till the Crew arrived. That's Owen, Charles and Lynnie.

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