Saturday, 5 May 2007

Departing Karachi

Well we've had a hectic last few days. I had to decline an evening with my friend Shehzad as there was so much to do. He did email to tell me off for canceling. So Shehzad if you are reading this apologies again!!

However we did manage to fit in one last evening with another friend Khalid and his family before we left. Been so lucky with people wishing to spend time with us. (sure it has more to do with Wanna than me!!!!). In fact I'm sure Khalid has had enough of me as we are working together every day!! Our evening was at the rotating restaurant in down town Karachi. The restaurant is about 18 floors up and there is a fabulous view of Karachi. Karachi is basically flat so there is this amazing array of lights spreading out into the distance. Several noticeable spots including the Marble white Jinnah Mausoleum which really looks spectacular on the sky line. The food as to be expected was a typical full spread Buffet with Pakistani and European dishes. It was impossible to try everything there is just so much. We did however do our best and all had double helpings. Good fun. Will go back to try the other half of the buffet another day!
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