Saturday, 5 May 2007

In transit Dubai

Half way to Seychelles. Quick stop for the old duty frees. Might be duty free but not that cheap. Bottle of Famous Grouse is about 15US$, so bought 2!!! You never know when you might caught short!!! Its not a pleasent journey. Departing Karachi at 5.45 am. Means being at the airport about 3.30am. Luckily we had Company protocol to assist. We needed it carrying a set of four tyres and engine spares for my Suzuki truck. Plus of course various bits and pieces. Now we are off to Seychelles. Just hear the anouncement. Bye bye.
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J R Lloyd said...

Really enjoyed your blog .Hope Wanna keeps you on the straight and narrow.Have a great time in Seychelleswith all the family and friends
Love Dad

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