Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Looking after our house

Up early with Wanna preparing to make the offering to the Land Spirits for looking after our house. She had prepared the fish, chicken, pork, cake and fruit to be placed in front of the Spirit House. We needed some rum so I was assigned to go off in search for a shop that was open. No easy task on a Sunday Morning on La Digue. Needless to say I got strange looks when requesting two bottles of rum at 7.30 am!!!! But we succeeded. Returned and everything was ready. Then Wanna performed the small ceremony to the Spirits.

The rest of the morning was spent painting the windows. Charles did the green on the shutters and I did the frames. We did one side of the house. Bit more to go. But slowly slowly we’ll get it done.

So then we relaxed and had some lunch. Think I’ll go off fly fishing for a while.

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