Saturday, 12 May 2007

The Crew arrived

Monday 7th May. The Crew arriving. Owen Charles and Lynnie arriving this morning. We got up early and watched the dawn break. Then at 7.00am saw Air Seychelles arriving. Quick shower and off to the airport. Wrong flight!!! They will be arriving at 10.00am. On worries back to town and check the internet etc. Decent coffee and we were ready to get back to the airport. They all arrived and were quickly out of the airport. First stop Graham’s house. Everyone had a cold beer on the way!!!! Then we went down to Prinos. Had a look round and made the decision that they would stay on Mahe for a few days and have a look round etc.

Dinner at Fairy Land. Pam joined us and we had a great evening. We all had fish and chops!!! The photo shows Charles telling a story. Can’t remember if he as showing the size for fish he caught or the size of live bait.

Next day Wanna and I set sail for La Digue and had a good if somewhat uneventful trip. No fish. Very few tourists about so we managed to have plenty of space to moor up Prinos. The house was fine. We unlocked it expecting to find some damage or signs of rats, mice etc. Nothing. Quick sweep of the floor and all was ready for use. Got the bicycles out and off to the shops. Every one was great, “Hello welcome back… How are you?” Lovely feeling.

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