Sunday, 27 May 2007

Sunday sight seeing in Karachi

Had a day off. Sunday. Went with Wanna and Aldo for a day trip to do the some of the sights of Karachi. Where you ask? Well first the Shopping Mall for coffee and sandwiches followed by a trip to Mahata Palace. Beautiful place with well kept gardens. An Oasis in Karachi away from the dust and the hectic traffic and noise. Don't know if it really was a palace in its hay day or just a very well to do house, the sort that belonged to the British Raj before independence. Whatever, it was well restored and had an impressive display of ceramics. Some dating back to early BC and some more modern. Good stop off as you can see from the photo. Left to right is me, Wanna, Aldo and Qaisir. Qaiser is our driver so knows his way about.

Problem was he forgot to tell us everywhere is shut on Sundays! Turns out nearly everywhere including restaurants and coffee shops.... Bummer. Art Centre closed for the whole day and the National Museum only opens at 2.00pm. Even there the adjacent coffee shop was shut yes right! All day.... But because it is Sunday to get there you need to navigate not just drive through about 10 games of cricket all being played on the road. Yes on and in the middle of the road. All going on at once. How anyone knows on which side they are I could not work out. Maybe it doesn't matter.... But they are equiped with stand alone wickets made from timber and some from steel frames, cricket bats and fortunately soft 'cricket' balls.

We then did the visit to the burial place of 'Jinnah' who was the Father and first President of Pakistan. His body rests in a magnificent Mausoleum. Again a quick photo opportunity.

We decided that was enough sight seeing for one day so off to the famous 18th floor revolving restaurant for the reputed 'High Tea'. Found the place easily in spite of the fact Qaisar had never heard of it. We were escorted to the lift and arrived at the 18th floor. Fantastic panoramic view of the whole of Karachi. But you've guessed it. No High Tea. Shut on Sundays. Not completely true 'just come back later Sir'. We were not going to hang around for another 30 minutes just for a cup of tea. Well enough was enough of closed entertainment establishments for one Sunday. Back to Sheraton to drop off Aldo after a pot and tea and cakes in the lobby. They also advertised 'High Tea. But as you've guessed. We asked for three "high Teas"... "Sir we stopped the High Tea promotion about one month ago". We did not both nor did we have the energy to ask "Well why are you still advertising it in hte lobby?" We settled for plain afternoon tea and cakes was more than sufficient. (Probalby the same thing). Tomorrow's a new day.

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