Friday, 9 November 2007

Allama Iqbal..... Who and whats he got to do with me?

Allama Iqbal was a famous Pakistan Poet who has today's public Holiday named and created in recognition of his services to the Country and Humanity.

What this got to do with my Blog I hear you ask. Well Public Holiday equates to a non working day for me. Yes you guessed. Fishing. But not your usual off the sea wall stuff you read about earlier. This time we rented 2 smallish local fishing boats from a place called Mubarak. A small fishing village which seems to cater for us Karachi dwellers. Its about 35 kilometers west of Karachi.

We had a great day trolling and bottom fishing. Caught several 5 kilo + on the line and small stuff on the hand lines. Below I have a photo of the 'Captain' and one of the lads concentrating on getting the reel ready for trawling while the remaining one shows one of the fish. See it really is quite big........

Started at 06.15 this morning and now its 7.20 pm. So short entry, I'm off to bed.

However if you are wondering about Allama Iqbal check out the link below.

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