Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Lazy days and holidays to come

Life's been quiet this last few weeks. Not sure that means no activity or to many different things on the go. Christmas is only about 30 days away. Between now and then we need to do some shopping and get organised for events!!

Wanna has been busy with the Thai contingent and last night came home with Pakistan chicken curry which she had been taught to make. Not bad either!!!

We had a lazy day on Sunday. No fishing. Went to work and then a drive round Karachi. Even ended up in Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and quassions. Very good.

Next few weeks social side will involve Thai Kings Birthday singing, Christmas Carols, shopping for Christmas and a bit of work thrown in.

I'm off to a place called Olmara on Saturday. Its West of Karachi about half way along the Pakistan coast towards Iran. About 350 kilometers away. I'm off to look at a submarine base where we might soon be having some work. Its a round trip of about 14 hours and I might be able to include an hours fly fishing. Will let you know. From the Ariel photo the place looks pretty barren to me.

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