Friday, 30 November 2007

Unnoticed on the streets....

You know after a while, without realising it you get used to the hustle and bustle of Karachi. The dust, noise, smells, teaming humanity and constant movement, even the 'only in Karachi' specially acquired local driving skills!!!!
For most people arriving from UK it can be best described as sensory overload. But as I say you just get used to it.
So it was interesting on the way into work this morning that I actually registered the fact that I had passed a couple of trucks waiting outside out works gates. They were so colourful and looked more like exhibition than working trucks. Well worth a photo just to remind how much I had absorbed and was now taking as the norm and indeed for granted.

I need to take a reality check and make sure I open my eyes and make sure I take it all in. Just spend a few minutes looking at the truck photos. The workmanship and time that has gone into them. Perhaps the owners do not have enough work and just spend all their days painting. But you know I've never during the 10 months I've been here seen anyone painting a truck and clearly a lot of people do!!! There must be a special "Truckers paint area' in or around Karachi. I wonder if they have truck painting competitions? Would make for some fantastic photography.

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Syed said...

Hi Alan

Interesting to read your blog , I am in London but would like to visit Karachi one day !



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