Friday, 16 November 2007

Wanna arrived Wednesday evening

Time to clean up the place and get a few bits of food in. Fridge has plenty of beer but not much else. Looks good from a bachelor view point but that’s about it.

So off to Makro, new store just opened in Karachi. Same as we have in UK. Big warehouse type place and as you can imagine all stuff packed high to the roof tops. Well I bough a cold box and a water cooler. That should do for the days out. (for days out read fishing!). My thoughts were I’ll get the rest of the household stuff nearer home.

Wanna arrived late about 11.00pm Wednesday evening. Had a quiet evening in on Thursday.

Then today, Friday called in at the Thai Consulate. I had called them yesterday to ask about information on other Thai people living in Karachi. They were unable to pass on this information for privacy reasons. Quite correct.

So on arrival they invited us in and we met the Consul. Very helpful. By the time we left we had received a formal invitation to the Kings 80th Birthday celebrations scheduled for 5th December. Wanna had signed up for National Voting (Scheduled for next month) sounds a sort of familiar thing elections under a Military Government. Think it was the Thia one she was signed up for. Never know these days!!!!

And while at the Consuilate they bhada put her through on the 'dog and bone' to two Thai ladies already living in Karachi.

Great visit infact quite a success. So time for a celebration lunch, off we went for a blow out Chinese Buffet at a local hotel. Only after we were both about 5 kilos heavier and just were trying to ease our way from the table, difficult with so much extra weight, did Wanna’s phone start ringing. It was uncanny almost on queue!!!!! You need to understand it’s a brand new phone I gave her with a new pay as you go number, only installed on the way to the Consulate. Amazing who would know her number CIA?... Thai Security Services?….. All a bit worrying. She answered “Sawadee Crap”.

‘Le piece de resistance’ (cannot be right spelling) it was another Thai lady who was phoning. 'Thai radio bamboo' is clearly faster that CIA or Thai Security!!!! The Thai lady rang explaining she had just been told Wanna was a new girl in Karachi and was ringing to invite us to join them at the opening of a new Thai Restaurant. That’s tonight!!! Did not think anything moved that fast in big K.

Big problem with such an invite. Where am I going to stack another 5 kilos of good Green Curry and rice on top a full Chinese lunch is anyone’s guess…... Will not be a pretty sight that's for sure. So no photos of this evenings bash thats for sure.

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