Saturday, 17 November 2007

Dinner Thai Style in Karachi

We made it. Would you believe it took 45 minutes for me with one hand on the steering wheel and the other stuck to my left ear with a mobile phone in it to just find the place. Well worth it. We had a great evening, good company and met some very interesting people. There are over 20 Thai Ladies in Karachi most married to local Pakistan men from Karachi. Some have been here over 30 years and appear to love it. (As Michael Caine would say "not many people know that...").

For me the best part was seeing Wanna have a chance to meet other Thai people who were here and I am sure it can only help to make her stay more enjoyable.

From her excitement in the car afterwards on the way home I understood Karachi was begining to look good. Seems cards and whiskey are on the menu for next week!!! Oh yes and dinner was excellent. We'll be going back!!!!
Early night was supposed to be the plan. Fishing 06.00 tomorrow morning... Well its 11.45pm here and still to put the line on the new reel... Off to bed.

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