Friday, 22 June 2007

And the weeks fly by (again....)

I've said it before time is really flying Karachi. This last few weeks has been no exception. If anything its getting faster. I finally managed to go and get my Play Station fixed. Khalid kindly took me to a shop where they insert the 'copy chip'. This lets me play any copy software. Great excitement.
The shop gave me a new night racer car game. Seemed simple enough just go as fast as possible from A to B. Right.... Give it a go.. I tried 3 times and did it in just under 9 mins 53 secs. Few scrapes and crashes on the way. World best? Was I the new Lewis Hamilton of the world wide net game family? No chance the machine was expecting 1 minutes something to do the circuit. Clearly a long way to go to catch up with Mr Lewis. I'll practice this weekend and let you know how it goes. (Slowly is my guess!)

Well tomorrow no work. Planning on a quiet lunch and an evening having a few beers at the British Club.

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